Shop closure

We are sorry to announce that Great Rock Co-op will be closed until further notice. This includes both the shop at Staups Lea Farm and our online/home delivery service.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear GRC members and supporters –

votePlease find attached the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the co-op which was held on 23 September 2021.


As you will see, not enough people attended the meeting to reach the quorum which is currently set at 25% and those present agreed that we should arrange a ballot of the membership on a rule change to reduce this to a more achievable number. On further investigation a change to the quorum can only be made by an Extraordinary Resolution at a general meeting.

We re-opened the shop on 18 September. However the level of sales has been pitiful and alongside this we are struggling to attract fresh local produce. For some time now the costs of operation have been significantly higher than our sales receipts – a situation which cannot be allowed to continue.

The Board of GRC are still committed to the mission of supporting local producers and encouraging our community to ‘buy local’ as part of its response to the climate and environmental crises we face. Food which is produced at small scale, without artificial inputs and high-energy storage and transport costs is definitely better for our planet and probably for our health. Maybe we’ve succeeded in getting this message out there and people are finding other ways of connecting with local producers. We are aware that box schemes have become far more popular, and the valley can boast more shops stock local produce than 10 years ago when the idea of GRC was first being mooted.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that we cannot continue to trade in the current format. GRC operations were suspended by the Board on 5 October. We face no alternative, therefore, but to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider the options.

The Board has considered the possibility of a merger, but GRC is a multi-stakeholder co-operative and cannot simply merge with a local workers’ co-operative. We know of no suitable local consumer co-operative to merge with. The current Board therefore proposes to dissolve GRC. Should the EGM decide not to wind up GRC the current Board will seek that a new Board be elected to take over the running of the organisation.

Can we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported GRC – producers consumers, volunteers, and funders – over the years. In particular we recognise the contribution of Kat, Tom, Romily, Alan, and India who have worked hard to try and make a success of the shop.

We think GRC has contributed to reshaping the local food economy and provided some very tasty grub along the way!

The Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on:

Thursday 28 October 2021, at 7.30pm

If you are a member you should have received details of how to attend the EGM.  If you have not received these please email info@greatrockcoop.co.uk.