Keith Lomax

KeithKeith Lomax was elected to the GRC Board in 2015. He is happy to help because he reckons GRC is a valuable way of supporting self managed food production and distribution and ‘one in the eye’ to commercial interests who will do anything for profit, including despoiling our food.

He produces vegetables and fruit and keeps ducks, hens, and geese, and found that surplus produce could usefully be distributed locally through GRC. The community response has been increased demand, but there’s a limit to what he can do as he works full time as a solicitor (of the legal aid variety, not commercial). He therefore brings to the board some legal skills. He also coordinates GRC’s fruit and veg producers, seeking to work co-operatively rather than competitively.

He has been actively involved in co-operatives for many years and believes that the more aspects of our society that can be run this way the better.

He is currently Treasurer for GRC, having done this role for many years including for Woodcraft Folk groups in Leeds and Hebden Bridge, and for the Western Sahara Trust.

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