Sarah Rose

I am a Market GardeSarahner at Sagar Lane Market Gardens, growing and selling vegetables and fruit locally I have a passion for producing local, sustainable and affordable food.

Summer 2013 was our first year selling vegetables, just after Great Rock Co-op was born. Great Rock co-op is just down the road from my growing site and as we share an enthusiasm for local food, ethical and sustainable farming methods and supporting other producers, they were the obvious place to sell our veg.

The board at Great Rock co-op were really supportive and gave us a place where we could sell our produce and work out what worked well and what
didn’t. I also got to meet lots of other great local producers. I love the ethos of Great Rock Co-op and wanted to be more involved. I joined the board in 2015 and took on the role of producer co-ordinator (excluding meat as I’m vegetarian!). I also do some social media communications, mailouts and generally things I can do in the warmth of my house after a day out working in the fields.

Being involved in Great Rock Co-op has been a really positive experience. As a producer it’s great to share experiences about the challenges and benefits of local food production. I’ve learnt lots from other producers and had some great discussions about the wider politics of food production. It’s lovely to meet shoppers (lots of whom are also producers) and I especially enjoyed chatting to lots of new people at our Christmas events. I’d recommend getting involved, be that as a board member, shop volunteer, events organiser, marketing person. There’s always something to do – whatever your skills…

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