Pennine Preserves



We have been growing fruit and vegetables for nearly 20 years at our home and we started making Preserves with all the produce our garden and orchard supplied …. initially we gave most away as presents or to school fairs however since 2011 we have been producing them more professionally in a stylish range of square bottles with bright gingham lids and selling them through local craft fairs and at Great Rock Co-op as well as to friends and customers who just keep coming back for more! We only add real ingredients – no additives or e numbers and we only use as little sugar as we can get away with to conserve our products.


We make a wide range of jams and wherever possible we use our own fruit, so the stock varies by the season and although we freeze fruit to use later in a good year, when a batch of jam is gone then that’s often it til next year! Our jams include:-

  • Summer Pudding – a red fruit jam inspired by my Dad’s love of Summer Pudding and our best seller!
  • Blackcurrant Jam – just blackcurrants and sugar, an intense taste of summer and most definitley the kids favourite – they call it Ribena jam.
  • Cherry and Redcurrant – my daughters favourite with whole cherries.
  • Greenage and Vanilla – our Rene Claude Greengage tree has years where it’s laden with big gages and we use whole vanilla pods for a strong vanilla aroma.
  • Blackberry and Cardamom – a grown up jam with rich berry fruits and just a hint of exotic spice.
  • Gooseberry – amazingly when these green bullets cook they become pink and rather gorgeous.
  • Green Tomato – sounds odd but it flys out … however we don’t make it every year – it depends on the crop!
  • Rhubarb and Ginger – my Mums favourite, I try to make this in April with the young pink Rhubarb.
  • Rhubarb and Strawberry – a flavour sensation ….. better than Strawberries on their own in my opinion!


As Autumn arrives our thoughts turn to all the orchard fruit and we like to spice them up a bit with homegrown chillies. We make a diverse range of Chutneys and Richard is forever experimenting with new recipies, often doubling the chilli content …. you have been warned!

  • Apple and Pear – a sweet mild chutney that’s perfect in a cheese sandwich
  • Pear and Walnut – this one flys out when we take it to markets and the walnuts are homegrown too!
  • Beetroot and Orange – stunning with our local Goats cheese
  • Caramelised Onion – rich and dark and perfect with pate or cheese.
  • Mango – we have to buy in the mangos – but it’s so popular we think it’s worth it!
  • Super Spicy Mango – with added red chilli and one of our best sellers.
  • Chilli-Lili – an amazing version of Piccalilli that packs a punch.
  • Fiery Bengal – another hot and spicy one
  • Gooseberry and Green peppercorn – sounds odd but it’s another bestseller!
  • PanYan Pickle – new this year we have experimented to try to recreate this pickle from our childhood and we think it’s pretty good and we love the tamarind kick.

Veggie Meals and crumbles

We also supply Great Rock with a range of fruit crumbles and vegetarian meals and soups.

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