Pextenement Cheese

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Founded in 2008, the Pextenement Cheese Company aims to produce high quality handmade cheeses solely from the organic milk produced by Pextenement Farm.

The Cheese Company is situated in Calderdale, West Yorkshire at Pextenement Farm, high on the hillside at Eastwood above Todmorden (2.2miles) and Hebden Bridge (3.2miles).

Pextenement supply Great Rock with a range of their delicious cheeses including:

  • Pexommier is our version of the traditional French Coulommier cheese.  Pexommier is available in the shops after two weeks of maturing, a further four weeks of afinage results in a ripened,  runny, full flavoured camembert style cheese, served at room temperature.
  • Pike’s Delight is a mature ripened cheddar, currently sold after at least 9 months of maturing.  It has a smooth mature flavour with a slightly crumbly texture.
  • Devils Rock is named after a rock formation just above the farm.  It is our latest cheese and is based on the soft Italian cheesessuch as Dolcelatte.  Each individual cheese is matured for 4 weeks as it grows a blue rind completely covering the cheese.We pierce the cheese to create the blue lines within it.  At room temperature the cheese goes quite soft and tender but firmsup once again when refrigerated.
  • East Lee Soft Cheese is a unique soft, mild, fresh individual cheese with a tangy aftertaste.  It is available for sale two days after the cows have supplied the milk so it is always fresh.  East Lee Soft is loosely based on the old English Coulommiers cheese to create a fresh, soft, possibly spreadable cheese which is not mold-ripened.   All East Lee Soft cheeses are labelled with the ‘Born on’ date so you can see exactly when your cheese was made.
  • Pexo Blanco is our answer to the various types of cheese used in cooking, such as Haloumi and Paneer.  It is a fresh semi-hard cheese that is completely indestructible when cooked.  It marinades well and takes the flavour of whatever you cook with it.  Ideal for vegetarian cooking.


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