Sagar Lane Market Garden



Sagar Lane Market Gardens are located high in the Pennine hills, above the neighbouring market towns of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.

We started out at the same time as Great Rock Co-op and they were our first outlet, providing a supportive place to sell our veg. We mostly sell potatoes at Great Rock Co-op plus some kale, salad, and greens to compliment Field Head Farm’s produce. We also run our own veg box scheme and supply local shops, cafes and pubs.
Since 2012 we’ve been growing veg and fruit in innovative ways in these challenging locations (1100 and 800ft above sea level). We are organic-but-not-certified and invite all our customers to come and visit to see our methods for yourselves.

We build soil health and biodiversity in all our work, regenerating our two patches of neglected, boggy farmland into thriving, fertile gardens full of both food and wildlife. We use permaculture principles and are always experimenting to find methods to suit the unique conditions we have to work with. We are extremely ‘low-carbon’ as we use no machinery except a small van for deliveries.

We aim to supply sustainable produce at affordable prices directly to our communities.

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