Therese Degnan

Therese DegnanI am a recent newcomer to the area, moved to Colden from Harrogate 6 years ago.  I work at Lloyds Banking Group delivering major programmes for the bank. I live in Colden with my partner Alan and have 2 grown up children and 2 grandchildren within about 40 minutes drive of me.

I am not a producer however have a keen interest in the environment and that means trying to buy locally produced seasonal food as often as I can.  I do grow my own veggies and keep chickens, however not really got around to selling any of my produce.

I joined the board of GRC a couple of years again as I believe that a community that is there to support each other works best for everybody and GRC seemed to offer that opportunity.  I have not been disappointed in GRC’s ambitions and have met some really inspirational people on the board.

Difficult to say what exactly my role on the board is but like to think that I listen to suggestions and help formulate ideas, however my starring role is usually as the Christmas Elf during December greeting customers and suppling them with Mulled Wine.

My hobbies include growing veg, drinking and eating and exercising to burn off the calories.

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