Cheeky Sew and Sew

Cheeky sew and sewCheeky sew and sew is a sewing workshop based in Todmorden, making handmade and often upcycled clothing and accessories for men and women. We use a lot of textile industry sample pieces and offcuts to make our items, plus upcycled jeans and inner tubes play a big part. In winter we mostly work with tweed, making scarves, bags and belts. We make in very small runs, anything from 2 to 10, as we work with limited amounts of fabrics.

The bags are often unique, as each one, even if made with the same tweeds, features upcycled jeans, and overstitching that is different each time. Our bags are upcycled from jeans, inner tubes and tweed offcuts, often with vintage fabric linings, featuring plenty of pockets and over stitched details on the seams. A wearable work of art.

Our scarves are mostly made from velvet sample pieces and test runs of tweeds, that are woven in strips of colour variations as samples. We repurpose these into velvet lined tweed scarves in 3 lengths: 5 foot, 6 foot and ‘extra-long’ – anywhere from 6.5 to 7 foot long!  We only make small runs of our pieces, and there may be slight variations in colour due to the nature of the materials we source.
Belts are made from tweed offcut lengths, backed with denim and with coloured overstitching along the length of the belt, fastening with a D ring fastening. Or are made from upcycled inner tubes, with coloured overstitching along the length of the belt, and a D ring fastening.
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